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Curatron 2000 E Equine & Animal unit
The most advanced therapy system for animals. Make your horse a healthy winner!
The Curatron 2000E is the latest innovation for equine athletes and other animals. It is based on state-of-the-art technology generating Frequency Modulated Pulsing ElectroMagnetic Fields (FM PEMF).
These fields are completely safe and give no side effects and thousands of animals have been treated successfully. Within a very short time you will notice that treatment of healthy horses results in a much more relaxed behavior and improves the general wellness feeling of your horses. Energizing the equine body before competitions improves dramatically the athletic performance!

Treatment for various diseases results in much faster healing, recovery, improvement of metabolic disorders, muscular injuries and rheumatic problems.
Curavet PEMF treatment

Curatron therapy Lady d'Auvrecy before becoming world champion trotting

The pulsed electromagnetic fields are applied to the body by means of multiple flat coils, which are located inside the therapy blanket and leg wraps. The therapy blanket is placed at the area to be treated and is connected to the Curatron unit via a cable. 10 Different master therapy programs are available, allowing for the best possible settings for the applied purpose.
The controls of the system are very user-friendly and simple to operate. Select a program number and press the Start button and the complete therapy is performed automatic, under full control of the built-in computer. After the therapy time is over, the energy switches itself off and the unit goes into "stand-by" mode.
Curavet PEMF mat
The system is also used in very demanding veterinary practices for general therapy of animals like dogs and cats, and no special training is required for use of the system.
The following applicators are available:
Curavet PEMF blanket
  • Universal therapy blanket 48" x 48" (120 x 120 cm)
All blankets emit pulsed magnetic energy of up to 15 milli Tesla (150 Gauss) to guarantee full body penetration of even very large horses.
Curavet PEMF leg wrap
  • Single Leg Wrap
  • Double Leg Wrap
For treatment of Hock, Tendon and Hoof we have developed universal single and dual leg wraps with High Energy Coils for complete and absolute penetration. The Single Leg Wrap emits pulsed magnetic energy of up to 70 milli Tesla (700 Gauss) and the Double Leg Wrap up to 40 milli Tesla (400 Gauss).
Curavet PEMF software
  • PC program
For scientific purposes our human PC program is optional available for generating additional master programs by the operator. These new master programs are stored in the software database of the PC for future use, evaluation and follow-up.
Curavet PEMF mat
  • Animal therapy pad 20” x 28”
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