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When I started using the Curatron, my horse was short strided at the walk, unable to trot or canter, unable to lift her back, constantly braced in her back, shifted weight to her front legs to relieve the weight on her back end, tight muscles in the back from bracing, and in pain. After 3 weeks, she is better at the walk, able to lift her back when I touch her abdomen, not constantly braced in the back, pain greatly reduced. She looks forward to her evening sessions. After her session, she is very relaxed and content and her attitude has greatly improved also. The fact that she can lift her back is huge. She was unable to do that and she lost the pelvic tuck reflex. She now has the reflex back and can lift her back. I had used infra-red light therapy, which seemed to work for pain relief but when I view what this system does it easily out-performs the lights 10 fold! Thank you again for this product.


I am indeed very satisfied with the Curatron system. I use it mainly for show jumping horses with back problems. I have seen results and so have the owners. I highly recommend the Curatron system. Please do not hesitate to give your potential customers my details in order to contact.

Dr. E. N. DVM, Dip.ECAR, Greece

Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with our Curatron. We have used it on number of our show jumpers who had problems (back and hock). After a few weeks treatment, where we used 10 days each of program numbers 2 to 4, we have wonderful results. For nervous horses we use it on the neck and they are a lot better. Now that we have the CURATRON we simply cannot do without. Thank you again!

J. de M., France

I use my Curatron PEMF on my competition horses pre- and post work out. I find it tremendously useful for sore muscles and over-stressed muscles such as in their backs. The horses really enjoy it and it leaves them calm and relaxed.

M. W. Ph.D. PAS. Horse Trainer

Horse called Fleur. Symptoms: had a tendon splint 2 years ago. She has ovarian problems. Vet says that she has back OA due to hormonal problems, that the tendon is finished and that she is medically wrecked. Just good for brood mare. She had 5 Curatron treatments, both back and tendons. Before first treatment she was very lame. After the first treatment there was a big improvement and she seemed to get better by the day. Now after 5 weeks Fleur is 100%. She is totally valid now and will go back to work shortly! The owner is over the moon, (extremely happy)!

P.S. France

The French dressage champion has a mighty big and long horse that she bought for over 1.000.000 euro and she has ordered the Curatron. They will be on the French Olympic team next year.

J. de M., France

Our dog patient had an elbow that was losing bone density and had lots of little parts of bone around the elbow. After two weeks therapy another X-ray was made and there were no more bits of bone to be seen and the density was building up. More than 50%, so they won't have it operated but do not understand what happened...!
P. B., Germany

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